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The benefits of classical music on children's development

You know the adage “Mozart makes you smarter”. But what if you're not a fan of Mozart or Beethoven? Is there an alternative that could make your babies smarter? The answer is yes! Classical music is one of the most effective ways to promote the development of babies and children. Many parents and grandparents do not know the powerful effect it can have on the cognitive development of newborns and it is our mission to change that! :) The developmental benefits of listening to classical music in babies and children are well documented, and there are many reasons why you should incorporate it into your child's routine. Here are a few : 1) Classical music promotes the language development of...

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The benefits of cuddling plushies (for young and old!)

When you buy a toy for your child, are you buying it with a certain intention in mind? Or because it's a cute toy that will make your baby happy? Have you ever wondered why your little one is so calm when playing with their favorite doggies? We reached out to experts who answered these questions for us. :) Not just a toy Psychologist Tsholofelo Jood says stuffed toys aren't just a cute toy: they're much more than that. “Plush toys are psychologically important and were referred to as transitional objects by Dr. Donald Winnicott in 1953,” Tsholofelo said. She explained how the toy allows the child to explore receiving support outside the confines of their relationship with their parents....

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