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About Us

Our origins
This project was created in Lorraine, on the North Shore of Montreal, by two sisters, Stéphanie and Isabelle, as well as a childhood friend, Geneviève. The idea came to us while shopping for our family's first baby, when we noticed the lack of choice in terms of musical doggies offering beautiful, soft and comforting melodies that are also good for cognitive development. Having two music schools and immersed in this universe since our childhood, it was natural for us to want to share with other families the proven benefits of classical music in the development of children. Indeed, it has been scientifically demonstrated that classical music calms, soothes, reassures, awakens cognitive functions, improves memory, develops emotional sensitivity, and more!
Moka: Return on a success based on ''true''
In the sound toy market, where screaming and high-decibel sounds are legion, Moka quickly stood out. By promoting calm, harmonious and truth, it embodies a quality option. The families adopted him and, since then, the attachment has not weakened. To date, more than 30,000 families fall asleep to the sound of Moka every evening!

This is because, to seduce the ears of toddlers in search of sleep or comfort, Moka offers the gift of authentic musicality. In the pit of his belly, it is the rich sounds of the piano, violin and cello that we can hear vibrating. Bye bye synthesizer sounds, hello the softness and warmth of real classical musical instruments! Moka's three lullabies are 100% written, performed and recorded in Montreal, at La Shop Studios.

From Kanye West to little Elizabeth’s bassinet
Stéphanie et Geneviève sont les deux musiciennes de renom qui signent les pièces musicales originales de Moka. Ce duo représentait les collaboratrices parfaites car, en dépit des grandes foules pour lesquelles elles ont performé - notamment aux côtés de Mika, Michael Bublé, Adam Cohen, Kanye West et même le prince William -, le public chouchou des deux musiciennes a toujours été celui des enfants. 
Dragon's Den season 8
Following our appearance on the popular show Dans l'oeil du Dragon, we went from 0 to more than 130 points of sale across Quebec and Ontario! We are proud to now be supported by mentors like Nicolas Duvernois (Founder of Pur Vodka and Dragon) and Alexandre Vanier (Co-Founder of Poches & Fils) who help Moka and its partners to grow and shine on the market.
An entrepreneurial journey that continues!
Recipients of several awards and distinctions, we are proud to be part of the fourth cohort of the Adopte Inc program, a movement founded by Nicolas Duvernois and Anne Marcotte as well as to be part of the Futurpreneur growth accelerator, in partnership with Spin Master, the company behind none other than...Paw Patrol! In 2021, we won the prestigious C2 Montréal ''Emerging Entrepreneurs'' competition, which earned us recognition on the international scene! We also won an honorary grant from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, worth $25,000, in order to underline the importance of our mission, namely to want to spread the benefits of classical music on the development of children to as many families as possible, while showcasing local musical talent. More recently, we received a $1,500 grant in the Elevate pitch competition and were crowned “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Stellar Gala, from the Thérèse-de-Blainville Chamber of Commerce.

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