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Social implication

A reflection of our personal and professional values
Being part of the Moka family also means sharing the values ​​that we convey and which are dear to us. Although the list of these is quite long, there are 3 “main” ones that are at the top: Family, empathy and generosity.
This is why, from the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, it was very important for us to be able to give back to the community. Since our creation in 2017, our social involvement has been demonstrated on several occasions and during various campaigns.
Here are a few:
Donation campaign for the benefit of the Opération Enfant Soleil foundation: We presented a check for $1,000 to the foundation and had the immense pleasure of visiting the St-Jérôme hospital with the entire foundation team, sponsored by Annie Brocoli and Josée Lavigueur.
Delivery of Moka stuffed animals for sick children in the intensive care unit of Sainte-Justine Hospital : By far the most enriching experience of our entire journey to date, the delivery of Moka to Sainte-Justine will remain engraved in all never in our memory. Thanks to the generosity of GoBrien Productions , you can live this experience with us as if you were there! Click on the video below to watch this touching moment which took place in January 2020.
Donation campaign for the benefit of the Lighthouse Montreal and the Soleil Mother-Child Center : Thanks to the sale of Christmas ''mini Moka'', 100% of the profits were donated to two organizations helping children in need , namely the Lighthouse Montreal and the Soleil Mother-Child Center in Quebec. We presented a check for $500 to each foundation in December 2020.
As the Mini Christmas Mocha campaign was so popular, we repeated the experience in 2012 and 2022!
In 2021, a check for $500 was given to the Charles Bruneau Foundation ,

organization whose initial mission was to set up a place where children with cancer would be treated right here in Quebec and where research would be carried out aimed at finding a cure for this disease.

In 2022, a check for $660 was delivered (by hand!) to the Olo Foundation . Their mission is to give families an equal opportunity to give birth to healthy babies and to acquire healthy eating habits early in life by providing them with a range of foods (eggs, milk, frozen vegetables) and prenatal multivitamins aimed at reducing the number of low birth weight babies.