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Mécanisme musical mulit-chansons pour toutou musical Moka

Multi-song mechanism

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You have a first generation Moka that only hosts one lullaby and would like to benefit from the new 3-songs model? Buy this one without having to buy the whole teddy bear.

Here is how the multi-songs mechanism works:

 3 original lullabies already inside
 Length of the songs: 60 sec, 104 sec and 108 sec ( they play 1x each and stop automatically afterwards)
 How it works: press 1x on the belly to play the 3 lullabies. Press 2x in a row to move on to the next song. Press 1x to stop.
 Original compositions written, performed and recorded in Montreal ( Piano- violin- cello)
 Possibility to adjust the volume with a roulette on the side of the mechanism
Batteries included: 3x AAA Alkalines LR03 1.5v (do not use rechargeable batteries)
It is recommended to set the mechanism to ‘off’ between uses to preserve battery life
Autonomy of about 10-15 hours of listening (when the music starts to glitch and/or cut before the end it is an indicator that the batteries are to change)
**Note that the mechanism comes alone, without the teddy bear.

Delivery approx. between 5 to 10 business days