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Instructions on how to Interchange songs in Your Moka

Congratulations, you have uploaded a new song for your Moka!

Here are the steps to take to replace the original lullaby with the one you just bought.

1- Download the Mp3 file to your computer. (PC only, does not work on MAC)

2- Connect the Moka mechanism to your PC using the included USB cable with the towelette.

3- A window will open, then you will have to remove the file already present and save it on your computer if you want to submit it later.

*This step is critical, otherwise you won’t be able to put on your new song. There is space only for one song at a time. Make sure that the mechanism is empty before putting a new song inside.

4- Insert the new Mp3 file you just bought into the window. ( same principle as a USB stick)

5- Close the window

6- Remove the mechanism and wire from your computer.

7- Your mechanism now has a new lullaby!

Each time you download a new song, you just have to repeat the same steps.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

*All purchased songs are not refundable or exchangeable. All rights reserved to Moka Toutou Musical.