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Mécanisme musical mulit-chansons pour toutou musical Moka

Multi-song mechanism

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Do you have a first generation Moka that only plays on lullaby and would like to benefit from the new 3-song model? Get this one without having to buy the entire plush toy.

Here's how the new multi-song mechanic works:

  • 3 lullabies already inside
  • Song duration: 60 sec, 104 sec and 108 sec (they play 1x each and stop automatically after)
  • How it works: Press once on his belly to play the 3 lullabies.
  • Original compositions written, performed and recorded in Montreal (Piano-violin-cello)
  • Batteries included: 3x AAA Alkaline LR03 1.5v (do not use rechargeable batteries)
  • Dimensions: 5cm by 6 cm by 2.5cm in height
  • Delivery: 3-7 business days - 9,99$

*Note that the mechanism comes alone, without the plush toy

**Note that if you order a Moka or a Latte, it is this same mechanism that will be inside :)



This project was created in Lorraine, on the North Shore of Montreal, by two sisters, Stéphanie and Isabelle, as well as a childhood friend, Geneviève. The idea came to us while shopping for our family's first baby, when we noticed the lack of choice in terms of musical plush toys offering beautiful, soft and comforting melodies that are also good for cognitive development.

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Social implication

Being part of the Moka family also means sharing the values ​​that we convey and which are dear to us. Although the list of these is quite long, there are 3 “main” ones that are at the top: Family, empathy and generosity.

This is why, from the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, it was very important for us to be able to give back to the community. Since our creation in 2017, our social involvement has been demonstrated on several occasions and during various campaigns.

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Social implication