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The inspiration behind Moka Toutou Musical: Meeting with the creator Isabelle

I am delighted to take you today on a personal journey to the heart of the story of Moka Toutou Musical, an entrepreneurial adventure that finds its roots in our love for classical music and our dedication to the development of children. My name is Isabelle Sciotto, founder of this company, and let me tell you how it all started.

A Family of Music Lovers

Music has always been an integral part of our family. With my older sister Stéphanie, a talented cellist, we grew up surrounded by captivating melodies and magical sounds. From a very young age, we were lulled by the notes of cello and piano, played with passion by Stéphanie.

Two Music Schools for the Sciotto Family

About ten years ago, my family and I decided to share our love for music by opening two music schools, one in Rosemère and one in Lorraine. These schools have become vibrant spaces where generations of children have discovered their passion for music. Classical music has become our way of bringing creativity to life and cultivating the talent of young artists.

Awakening to Music for Toddlers

Our fascination with the calming and educational impact of classical music on children has been reinforced by our work within our schools.

Flashback 7 years ago, when we were shopping for our family's first baby, Jules, we couldn't find a teddy bear that offered beautiful classical melodies that were not only easy on the ears, but also good for the cognitive development of the baby. All there was on the market were commercial nursery rhymes made from synthesizers.

That's when the bold idea was born: why not create unique musical toys for little ones, based on real classical musical instruments?

In addition to its calming effect, research has shown that classical music improves cognitive development, memory, language skills and emotional sensitivity.

The Genesis of Moka Toutou Musical

This idea was the starting point for Moka Toutou Musical. With tireless dedication, we have undertaken months of research and development to incorporate the sound of real musical instruments, such as the violin, cello and piano, into adorable musical plush toys for children. It was a work of passion, driven by the conviction that classical music should be accessible to everyone from an early age.

Our Musical Teddy Bears, a Musical Legacy in Plush

Moka Toutou Musical's musical teddy bears are not just toys, they are musical education instruments. They embody our commitment to sharing the magic of classical music with the next generation. Each of our products is infused with the love and devotion that Stephanie and I have for music and children.

In conclusion: Our Music Continues

Today, Moka Toutou Musical is growing and thriving, and this would not have been possible without your support and enthusiasm. It's our way of perpetuating our musical heritage, of creating a world where classical music and children's dreams meet in a soft murmur of harmonious notes.

We hope this story has inspired you, and we look forward to sharing more about music, education, and children's toys in our future articles.

With gratitude and melody, Isabelle Sciotto

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