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The most expensive teddy bears in the world!

It goes without saying, teddy bears are our hobby! We love doing research to study them, compare them, note what we like and what we like less. During one of our comparative studies, we came across a series of articles featuring the most precious teddy bears in the world!

Although amused at first, it still gave us the ''potential'' idea that one day Moka would find itself in this list! So you never know, it's better to keep Moka for a long time just in case, you don't know how much they might be worth later! :)

Here are the top 10 most expensive teddy bears in the world. Don’t hesitate to write to us in the comments which one is your favorite!

#10 The Steiff Happy Bear – $55,000

Although $55,000 is a huge sum, at least as far as teddy bears go, Steiff's cheerful mohair bear was produced as far back as 1926. In 1989, it was purchased by Paul Volpp and given away to his wife Rosemary on their 42nd wedding anniversary as a sign of unending love. A beautiful proof of love, isn't it?!

#9 The Harlequin Bear – $60,610

The teddy bear, made by Steiff in 1925, was named Harlequin because of the different colored halves of its face. This colorful creature may look playful, but its price is no joke! The rare bear was sold at Christie's, the international auction house, in 2010 for a whopping $60,610.

#8 Elliot Blue Bear – $64,200

It is assumed that Elliot was produced as a sample for the British department store Harold's. He would have been one of six different colored bears in the sample production. Unfortunately, it never reached full production, making surviving examples extremely rare.

In early December 1993, Elliot sold at a teddy bear auction for $64,200. Accounting for inflation, that's over $160,000 today! This reminds us of ''Papa Moka''. This “one of one” model, approximately 2 and a half times larger than Moka, never saw the light of day. Maybe Papa Moka will become the future Elliot, who knows?!

#7 The Bear with Diamond Eyes  – $84,000

Another prestigious teddy bear produced by the German toy house Steiff. Gold muzzle, sapphires and diamonds instead of eyes (that's still cool!!), fur intertwined with gold threads. This is what the teddy bear made by Steiff on the occasion of their 125th anniversary of operation looks like. There are only 125 collectibles in the world. A symbolic number for their symbolic birthday! It gives us ideas for a limited edition for our 10th anniversary! To be continued :)

#6 Steiff’s Oldest Bear – $105,000

The bear, made in 1904, is the oldest teddy bear in the world. Like many bears in this top 10, it was made by Steiff. According to Reuters, it was sold in Germany in 2000 for around $105,000! How do you find him? :)

#5 The Supreme Bear Louis Vuitton – $106,016

This Supreme x Louis Vuitton teddy bear is the pinnacle of the royal fashion brand and it was sold at auction for a whopping $106,016.08.

Interestingly, all profits will be used to benefit BBC Children in Need - an organization aiming to ensure that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure environment in which to grow up. The plush toy is 100% authentic and certified by BBC Children in Need. We really like that!

#4 Steiff’s Titanic Mourning Bear – $136,000

In 1912, the first black fur Steiff teddy bears were made to be given as mourning gifts after the sinking of the Titanic. They were made in five different sizes and only 665 bears were produced. In 2000, one of the 'mourning bears' sold for $136,000 to the Puppenhaus museum in Switzerland, according to The Telegraph. A beautiful and touching initiative.

#3 Steiff Girl Teddy Bear – $143,000

When Colonel Bob Henderson was born in 1905, he was given the Teddy Girl bear. During his distinguished career as a colonel in the British Army, he always made sure to keep his favorite bear by his side. After Henderson died in 1990, his Teddy Girl was sold at auction for more than $143,000 in 1994, which was a record, according to Reuters. Of all the bears in the top 10, this one looks the most like a real one, do you think?

#2 Doudou, the Louis Vuitton monogram bear – $182,000

The second most expensive teddy bear in the world was independently made by fashion mogul Louis Vuitton. This teddy bear was created to celebrate 150 years of the LV brand. There are only 500 specimens of bears with the cute name DouDou. We saw this bear recently in Kylie Jenner's stories , who bought it for the birth of her son recently! Did you recognize him?

#1 L’Ours Steiff x Louis Vuitton – $2.1 million

The world's most expensive teddy bear was jointly created by tycoons Louis Vuitton and Steiff (2 designers featured heavily in our top 10!) The world-famous fashion brand and toy maker worked together to create a teddy bear that exudes elegance, luxury and prestige.

In 2000, the bear was sold at auction in Monaco, where it was bought by Korean Jessie Kim. It can currently be seen at the Teddy Bear Museum in the Korean city of Jeju. Having all the resources in the world, would you be willing to pay this amount for this teddy bear?

This concludes our top 10 most expensive teddy bears in the world! Do you have any ideas for blog topics that would be interesting? Don’t hesitate to write them in comments! -xxx-



  • Bourhis Divanac'h

    Je possède un ours qui a été mis en vente en 2002 c’était pour le centenaire du Teddy Bear du président Américain Roosevelt.
    J’ai tout les documents qui étaient joints au moment de l’

  • Bourhis Divanac'h

    Je possède un ours qui a été mis en vente en 2002 c’était pour le centenaire du Teddy Bear du président Américain Roosevelt.
    J’ai tout les documents qui étaient joints au moment de l’

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