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COVIBOOK - Short guide to coronavirus for children aged 0-7

As a parent, it is often difficult to know how to approach various 'grown-up' topics with your children. Should we talk to them in terms of children or adults? With images, pictograms? No images? Are we going to frighten them or, on the contrary, make them more aware of the stakes involved?

We found one of the most interesting resources on the web today and since it really helped us here, we wanted to share it with you!

Created by child psycholgue Manuela Molina, this little book is designed to support and reassure our children under the age of 7 about COVID-19. This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions resulting from the current situation. It is important to note that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool based on fantasy.

Our recommendation is to print this material so that children can draw from it. Remember that emotions are dealt with by repetitive play and stories read several times. For more information on the author, visit her website right here or subscribe to her Instagram account @mindheart.kids

Enjoy your reading! And don’t forget to wash your hands!!;))

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